Kankusta Duo – Fraud with ineffective diet capsules

Everyone is talking about natural ingredients, so it is not surprising that more and more manufacturers of slimming products are trying to exploit this. The result is products called Eco Slim, which are supposedly completely natural based. This product is no longer exclusively available in Russia, but also in many other countries. While in Russia, the majority of the products offered are tablets for brewing, it is available in Germany in the form of drops. It is striking that both the dosage and packaging form has already been changed several times within a very short period of time. This is always a sign that something like "is not right". Eco Slim is also the successor of Chocolate Slim - a diet shake we recently reported about.

A natural increase in fat burning is the vendor's selling point, which is said to be due to various mechanisms. This includes not only the binding of fats (and thus inhibition of absorption) but also the improvement of the metabolism. The following components should be responsible for this:

This list reads like a who-is-who of trends in slimming products over the past few years. Chitosan, a component that acts primarily as dietary fibre in solid form, is also an absolute "in". Nevertheless, we have not yet received any dietary supplements that contain chitosan in an effective dose. Unfortunately, Eco Slim from Russia is no exception. Even the dosage form as a drop makes us wonder, because this dietary fibre is insoluble in the usual solvents (water or alcohol). With regard to the mechanism of action, the manufacturer claims that chitosan exudes excess food fats. This will allow Eco Slim to join the ranks of fat binders.

In order to lose weight quickly, it is also possible to take advantage of the fact that our body consists largely of water. The extracts from the algae act by binding these liquids and extracting them from the body. This results in a secondary loss of water and thus at the same time in a loss of mass. Unfortunately, the fat you actually want to get rid of remains behind.

It is unclear why the manufacturer decided to add succinic acid. Although it is often used to improve the taste of finished products, it does not burn fat.

Another ingredient, L-carnitine, could actually help to increase the burning of fat in your body. Unfortunately, however, this effect is too small to have an effect without a change of diet. Sport and an adjustment of your eating habits are therefore considered to be essential prerequisites for lasting success. Since L-carnitine is also an expensive ingredient. It can also be assumed that the dosage is too low.

Most people know Guarana and its extracts mainly because of its stimulating effect. The most important active ingredient is caffeine. By stimulating your circulation, this can help you lose weight if you meet the appropriate requirements.

As a close relative of our native thyme, Eco Slim also contains extracts of the so-called Jamaican thyme. This also helps in the treatment of respiratory tract infections. Nevertheless, there are no reports of whether or not this plant makes it easier to lose weight. This is probably a content but not an active ingredient.

Also the vitamins of group B can only help you to cover your own needs. Even if these are contained in many foods, deficiency symptoms can still occur. We believe that it is better for us than for humans to only use these vitamins through a healthy and balanced diet.

The manufacturer offers you three different price scales:

Shipping costs of just under seven euros will be charged for each shipment. It remains unclear how productive a single pack is.

If you read the leaflet, you will also come across the instructions for use. These talk about an optimal dose of 35 drops, twice a day. It is best to dilute these drops in a large glass of water and drink them for breakfast and supper.

There are many things that speak against the use of Eco Slim. This includes not only the Eco Slim cost, but also the lack of effectiveness in practical testing. Even if the ingredients might be able to help you in general, they are still too small. In some cases, it is even questionable whether these are included at all. In addition, it is not clear who your contractual partner is when you make a purchase. All in all, you should definitely stay away from Eco Slim!

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